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Web Development Services

Standard Design Services
The items in this section are identified as "standard" since they do not usually involve a great deal of time, thus tending to be most affordable to small business or non-profit organizations. If you desire more enhanced features, please view the Deluxe Services section below.
Acting as a consistent framework for the site, the Standard Template appears on each page of the web site and includes the following coordinated items:
  • a simple textured or solid-colored background & button template
    May be either designed by the webmaster or selected from in-stock professionally pre-designed templates
  • client's pre-designed logo
    Includes image preparation of logo and link back to the home page.
  • a standard footer
    Includes one link to client's main e-mail, copyright and webmaster information, and date the site was last updated
  • a standard horizontal rule
    If needed to separate sections
  • standard bullets
    If needed to list items
  • page transition
    Professional-looking transitions that are displayed when a site visitor enters or leaves your site, or browses to or from a specific page. For example, "vertical blinds" or "circle in" effect.

Note: The template price reflects the cost when the template is designed prior to the other pages in the site. If changes need to be made to all the pages after they exist, additional charges will apply.

For a more cost-effective solution, choose a professionally-designed template from one of the following companies,and I can personalize it with your information: 



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Page Setup
Each page* will include:

  • Title & Meta Tags
    Located within the HTML programming code, titles, descriptions, and keywords are necessary for most search engines or directories to index web pages in their databases. Each page requires different information based on the contents of the page.
  • A standard heading
    An simple image created with common effects such as bevels or drop shadows using an in-stock font. Also includes encoding of ALT text, height, width, horizontal & vertical spacing.
  • A textual link
    Brings visitors to this page from other pages in the site.

*A heading may not be necessary on the home page.

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Text Transfer
Text delivered digitally, which does not require any editing.
Delivered on disc or through e-mail. The less formatting, the better.

Text Editing
Text edited &/or typed from existing materials.
Such as brochures or ads

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Button Preparation
Labeling, linking of client-supplied, in-stock images, or simple images which can be created quickly by the webmaster. Also includes encoding of ALT text, height, width, horizontal & vertical spacing.
Experts recommend a maximum of 6 buttons, which would connect to the top levels (main sections) of the web site. If "sub-sections" will be included, text links from each main section can be used to access these secondary pages.

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Extra Links
Links in addition to the one textual link per page and the link included with each graphical button.
For example, many sites include a "Links" page, where recommended web sites are listed which are linked to the respective internet address.

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An "internal link" inserted at a specific point in a page to control precisely where visitors land when they click on a corresponding link.
Bookmarks are most widely used within long web pages to avoid scrolling, which many users find irritating.

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Photo Preparation
May include scanning, cropping, resizing, color adjustment, retouching, applying effects (drop shadow, etc.), and  compressing. Also includes encoding of ALT text, height, width, horizontal & vertical spacing.

If you need professional photos for your site, please consider:


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Image/Button Preparation
Placement of client-supplied, in-stock images, or simple images which can be created quickly by the webmaster. Also includes labeling and linking of buttons; and encoding of ALT text, height, width, horizontal & vertical spacing on all images.

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E-mail Form Base
Creation of an encoded form so that user's input is submitted to the web site owner's e-mail.

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Fillable Form Fields
One-line & scrollable text boxes, radio buttons, & check boxes. A separate text charge will be added if additional text other than field labeling is required.
For example, an introductory paragraph or disclaimer.


Deluxe Design Services
The following services are "over-and-above" the Standard Services, as they require more time. Until details are known about a particular project, it would be difficult to estimate an accurate time frame. Thus, the following services are available at an hourly rate. If you would like a free estimate involving deluxe services, please contact McKay Web Works so we can discuss the details.
Writing Services
Text authored by the webmaster through research or interviews.


Photo Generation
Searching the internet or other resources for photos or basic photography services with a digital camera.


Image Generation
Searching the internet or other resources for images or creation of images which requires a substantial amount of time
Such as logo creation.


Other Services
The following items are just a sample of other services which may be requested. The hourly rate will apply for any and all services, such as office visits, and phone calls and e-mails.
Liaison Services
Contact of appropriate companies on the client's behalf to register a domain name, purchase web hosting, troubleshoot, etc.

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Search Engine Submission
"Hand" Submission of one page's* title, keywords, and description to the major search engines/directories which allow free listings.

For those with larger budgets who desire guaranteed top-ranking results, we recommend hiring an outside contractor.

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If you do not see a particular service you desire,
please inquire to McKay Web Works.

Prices subject to change without notice.

McKay Web Works accepts credit card payments through PayPal
Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal! Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, and American Express


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